Photos feat. a Variety of Human Activities.

Included are DJ Go Mixologists' Promo Shot, Sier (Montana USA) doing his Masterpiece - a Beautiful Sunday Spent Photographing the Unfolding Process Under Waterloo Bridge Where A Tight Friendship Was Formed... We also later found out that the piece had been captured in the Stanton Warriors Music Video - Turn Me Up Some.

Behind the Scenes/Making of Short Film Choco Bon Bon Dir. Dean Whiteside, Art Director Momo Nakamura and Producer Bruce Nachbar. Shot on Reds in Tokyo, Japan - Cast Jai West and Sekiguchi Gen, Director of Survive Style 5. Cult Classic - One of My Favorite Films of All Time.

A Portrait for Actors Jon Alagoa shot in Old Street, London and Jai West in front of the Olympic Stadium in Shibuya, Tokyo and...

Various Other Fleeting Moments Captured in Prague, Cambodia and Tokyo